My latest project:

Ballots & Brews

A political poster show


About Joey

I'm passionate about experiences, my city and my neighborhood. I believe all people are entitled to good experiences whether it's a good customer experience, a good transportation experience or a good design experience. 

Over the past 15 years I have invested my time and energy in creating a city I want to live in. It started with blogging and creating content. My blog Urban Jacksonville kicked off a revolution in content about our city. Urban Jacksonville inspired a new generation of people to take action and connect with one another online. Urban Jacksonville is no longer online.

Now that I've grown up my goals have grown up too. I've stopped blogging but I have not stopped looking for ways to improve my community. I plan to serve on the board of SPAR, my neighborhood historic community. I volunteer with Groundwork Jax to help connect our urban neighborhoods via their waterways and our urban bike trail called the S-Line. 

My Interests

  • Drones
  • Bots
  • Virtual reality
  • The new economy
  • The gig economy
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Automation

My most recent project: Ballots and Brews

Ballots and Brews is a political poster show I helped organize with the assistance of AIGA Jacksonville and the Jax Young Voters Coalition. The goal was three fold:

  1. Register and engage voters ages 18-34. This demographic has the lowest voter turnout in Jacksonville. They also have the most to lose on election day when decisions are made in the ballot box that will impact them for years to come.
  2. Engage the community to provoke thought and discussion around the upcoming election and political issues.
  3. Create an amazing experience around something most people try to avoid: politics.

Ballots and Brews by the numbers

  1. 17 new young voters registered
  2. 400+ posters mounted for the show
  3. Opening night attendance between 500 and 600. Over 1,000 people attended  over the length of the exhibit.
  4. 90% of the partisan posters were anti-trump
  5. 27,000 glue dots used
  6. 48 inches of pizza eaten

I talk about my life as a community blogger and what I'm is passionate about: creating great experiences for the city of Jacksonville. April 2010


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