Liz's SURPRISE 30th Birthday Parade


Liz's is turning 30 and how else to celebrate but to bombard her with a bunch of balloons?!? The birthday will be in three parts and you can show up at any point along the way. She'll be happy to see you :)

*This event is BYOB: Bring your own balloons!

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3:00-3:30: @ RAM

Around 3:00-3:30 p.m. (when RAM ends), we will all find Liz while she is working and hand her balloons, one at a time. Get the most obnoxious balloons you can find! 

There is no gathering time and we are not planning to coordinate this all at once. If and when you have time, show up and share a ballon.

Invite anyone who you think would want to join in on this!


4:30ish @ Engine 15

Afterwards, we are all meeting up at Engine 15 around 4:30-5:00 for drinks. If you weren't able to make to RAM, bring your balloons to Engine!


6:30-7:00 @ Moon River

We'll head over to Moon River around this time to get Liz's fav food. PIZZA!! If you weren't able to make to RAM or Engine, bring your balloons to Moon River!