Question 1: Tuft & Needle has a 100 night sleep trial. Customers can return their mattress for a full refund during this 100 night period.

A) A customer emails in asking for a return 150 days after their mattress has been delivered. They explain they are experiencing back pain and would like to return the mattress based on that reason. Do you help the customer return their mattress? Yes or No? Please explain your answer.

Yes, absolutely. It’s my responsibility to make sure the customer has the best possible experience with Tuft & Needle. If that means helping them return their mattress 50 nights beyond the 100 night sleep trial, I would help them in a heartbeat. 

I don’t want the customer to feel like they are stuck with a mattress that causes them pain when they just want to get a good night’s sleep. I would begin the process with making sure they were sleeping on the correct side of the mattress. 

Next, I want to hear their story. Speaking with them, asking more questions and understanding them is essential to processing the return and ensuring the customer has a great experience. 

Tuft & Needle believes what the customer says matters most. The story they tell and the information we collect about their story allows us to put ourselves in their shoes instead of making any assumptions about the return request. It’s possible the customer will reveal information we can share with the product team for future iterations and improvements.

B) A customer emails in asking to return their mattress 110 days after their mattress delivered. They explain that it completely slipped their mind and they constantly say how sorry they are. Do you help the customer return their mattress? Yes or No? Please explain your answer.

Yes, I would absolutely help them return their mattress. People tend to be forgetful, go on vacation, have work emergencies and/or find themselves with sick children. Life gets in the way of our best intentions most times. In this scenario I would be more than happy to help them return their mattress. 

I would like to understand the circumstances leading up to the moment where the customer finally realized they needed to return the mattress. It’s possible the information we collect can be used by the product team to understand the psychological state of people nearing the end of their 100 night sleep trial.

Again, at Tuft & Needle we believe what the customer says matters most. If we understand our customers state of mind maybe we can leverage that information to create intelligent reminders, leading to more timely returns and a better customer experience. 

Imagine a future where we learn enough about our customers to create a process that alleviates the stress of having to remember to return the mattress. This process might potentially eliminate the anxiety, guilt and stress associated with having to beg for forgiveness when you miss the return deadline by 10 days. We don’t want our customers to experience guilt or embarrassment when asking to return an item.

Question 2: Write an email responding to the sample email below

"Hey! I was wondering if it was safe to machine wash the cover that came with my mattress? I accidentally spilled my coke on it."

Hi Elizabeth,

I am really sorry to hear that you spilled your drink. Hopefully it wasn’t your last one :)

Here’s what we recommend for spills and stains. You can certainly clean the cover but don't machine wash or dry the mattress cover; it may shrink. Instead, unzip and remove the cover and spot clean with a mild detergent - gently dabbing the cover rather than rubbing it. Make sure the cleaned area is 100% dry before replacing the cover or placing sheets and blankets back on the mattress.

Our mattress offers unparalleled comfort and support, but unfortunately it’s not always the best drink holder :)

Thanks for your question and please don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team with other questions or comments. We are always looking for ways we can improve the product.


The Tuft & Needle Team

Question 3: Write an email responding to the situation below:

A customer says they are going to buy from a competitor because they are offering a holiday sale.

Hi Roger,

I am sorry we can’t provide you any discounts this holiday season. One of our core values at Tuft & Needle is to provide a quality product for a fair price. We never want customers to buy our mattress and then wonder if they could have gotten a better price down the road. For these reasons we don’t offer discounts or have sales.

We want customers to have peace of mind and know the price they see today will be the same price 365 days a year. 

Armed with this information, we want you to rest easy and make a purchasing decision on your own timetable. We never want you to feel pressured to buy based on the number of days remaining in a promotion. At Tuft & Needle, we see value in a shopping experience where you never have to wonder if you’re getting the best deal or a fair price.


The Tuft & Needle Team

Question 4: A customer emails in pretty upset because FedEx damaged their mattress during the delivery process. The mattress is ripped and unusable, which means they won't be able to sleep on it. They just had a baby and explain that they are exhausted and just need a good nights sleep. They blame us for not having better packaging and they blame FedEx. Write an email responding to this customer.

Hi Karen,

I am so sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced. I can assure you this is not normal. I’ll do my best to resolve this unfortunate incident and make sure you have the best experience possible. 

I know how exhausting it can be as a new parent running on just a few hours of sleep a night. I’ve been there, I have two children myself. I want to assure you we’ll take care of you and you’ll be resting easy very soon. I’ve reviewed your recent order and I have a replacement mattress on the way. It should arrive in the next 3-4 days. 

In the meantime, you may be wondering what to do with your damaged mattress. I’ve taken care of this also. I will coordinate with a local charity to pick the mattress up at a convenient time. 

To make your life just a little easier, I’m mailing you a $100 gift card to Babies R Us. I’m sure you will be needing a few things in the coming months for your little bundle of joy :) 

Please reach out to me if you have any more questions or comments. I'm more than happy to help in any way I can to improve your experience.

Cheers and congratulations on your new arrival!

The Tuft & Needle Team